For years, relying on professional and technical strengths at domestic top art institutions, Hesheng is dedicated to the image integration and design of the brand enterprises, including the VI system design, logo design, packaging design, album design, journals and poster designs, etc.. The creative graphic designs made by company’s have ever won the first prize of domestic advertising design works, winning great praise customers and thus wining the markets for the company’s products.

Hesheng has successively offered design and planning services for the following enterprises: Hong Tai Group, Hong Kong CFA, commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, China Heavy Duty Truck Group, Shanghai Jingyi Lighting, Shanghai Sanyuan Milk, Wuxi Namei, Zhanjiang Hongbao, Ningbo Xinneng, Inner Mongolia Haixin Chemical, Yuhua Auto, Dongfeng Peugeot, Luzhong Morning, Linyi Yinbeier. Qingdao Rongji Group, Weihai Jili Food, Yantai Rongchang Pharmaceutical, etc..

With over twenty years of experiences in the design, the design team members are young, united, motivated, full of creativity and unique vision, and their professional abilities are leading in the industry, and their services are considerate, winning the trust and satisfaction of most customers; at the same time, we have formed extensive strategic cooperation with a number of professional teams and produced powerful market information advantages and specific operational advantages. 

Hesheng is looking forward to work with friends from all circles!

Hesheng is looking forward to work with friends from all circles!

Our aim: To become your most “appropriate” visual marketing design partner! 

We focus on results and pursue for effect 

Hesheng Planning upholds the pragmatic and effective design ideas, insists on the original design, to meet customer demands, try our best to maximize the customers’ benefits of each project; this is our professional sprit that we always abide by.   


Expression of most sincere feelings by creativity

An article can express sincere feeling with excellent verbal description; without good ideas and organization, it cannot be “attractive”; similarly, for the design, how to o impress customers with our product packaging creative ideas is the key to our works, and also the main problem that should be resolved, and it is a revealing of designer’s most sincere feelings to the works, each works are the beloved child of the designer.   


Expression with modern design language

Pursue for the profound artistic content with modern design language, and seek for breaking through the sense of beauty in the form, to achieve a high degree of unity between products and arts; for an pure designer, it is the highest goal that we pursue.  


Service Process/Steps

Now it is an age of Internet. The company finishes the communications and design through Internet for most enterprises and institutions throughout the country and across the world. To learn the service process can reduce a lot of troubles for the future cooperation, please carefully read the following rules:

1. Understand the project

Through our website, customers can understand us; and through initial communication by interview, QQ, email, message, we can know the specific demands of the project, and perform the cost accounting according to specific projects.

2、Strategic Communications 

On the basis of preliminary cooperation intention, we perform the market strategies and target communication, to have an in-depth analysis of the customer’s related information and industry information and explore the markets sense and advertising ideas.  

3、Sign a contract of intention

Both parties will have reached a consensus for the working mode and ideas, and signed a cooperation contract with legal effect, and the customers pay the agreed advance payment.

4、Strategic Positioning

Communicate with customers for copywriting planning, to plan the contents for the positioning design, and check all documents and data for the design.   

5、Implementation of Design 

The design project team can implement the visual planning and creative design for customers, provide the preliminary program sample, and customers can decide the design ideas, then the design team will begin to carry out detail design.

6、Communication for Adjustment

Once the project design is completed, both sides can have a partial communication for the design program, adjust the details to form a complete program.

7、Project Acceptance 

According to the suggestions on modifications or deepening agreed by both parties, we improve the project and submit complete works, and the customers implement acceptance confirmation, and pay the balance due.

8、Brand Tracking

When the project is finished, we implement the brand tracking, and provide the extended design of products, to maintain the unity of brand styles and the integrity of the brand visual chains.


Brand service for the whole year in agency system

To provide closed-fit service for the enterprise striving to brand building, sign cooperation agreement “Brand service for the whole year in agency system” to realize that customers can enjoy easily all service project about enterprise brand construction and promotion throughout the year, provide brand image planning, graphic design, media planning and other comprehensive services, so as to enhance enterprise core competitiveness and brand effectiveness.

Unique advantages of service form “Service for the whole year in agency system”

1. High quality of service; accurate service mode, professional advertising effectiveness, ensure more careful and complete service for customers, guarantee high quality of advertising services through comprehensive and detailed understanding of the enterprise characteristics and brand positioning.

2. Three kinds of cost for customers can be saved: avoid the fault of advertising service provider due to lack of overall planning in the process of advertising, it is benefit for the saving of time costs, material costs, advertising costs of customers.

3. Effectiveness of cooperation mode: Because large overall workload of customers, it is used to handle the project not easy to refining its detailed working instruction; within the contract time, all kinds of advertising problems in the market can be handled in time, then efficiency Will be high.

Design of product picture album

Design of picture album is becoming more and more important in corporate image promotion and product sales. For the long distance of business operations, picture album is used as the role of bridge. A good picture album can reflect the comprehensive strength of enterprise brand, and is the carrier to constantly full enterprise brand image. With its many years of brand design service experience, Hesheng displays culture, idea, brand image of the enterprise all around in stereoscopic, and promotes the international influence and regional brand appeal of the product using proper ideas and representation forms.


Package design of product

Excellent product packaging is good salesman, and to stimulate purchasing desire of consumers, and is one of the most important standards evaluating commodity packaging. The acceptance and purchase of consumers are the biggest reward for package design of product. The design of Hesheng takes full consideration of commerce, industry, art, psychology and other factors, and from the fact, gains more acceptance and recognition of consumers for package design of product. In a word, excellent packaging design is the one of popularization, internationalization and marketization, forming impact on vision and psychology of consumers.

Wedding supplies sales

Yantai Hesheng Enterprise Planning Co., Ltd. is the only dealer signed by China Wishmade Company that Korea Barunson card located in Yantai of Shandong. Wishmade Company was founded in 1970, achieving today's the first card brand leader in Korea through development history of 46 years. The company founded the biggest card production base in northeast Asia in 2001 with design, production, distribution and after-sales service involved, selling to 125 countries and regions with the top global brand recognition.

Yantai Hesheng Corporate Planning Co., Ltd. is the only dealer in Yantai, mainly engaging sale of various wedding invitation card, sweet box, red envelopes, seats label, check-ins, the book of love declaration, the enterprise commercial card and products related to festival activities, etc in the online and offline. The company constantly develops new products every year to meet the requirement of customers, with many patterns of products, full styles, such as Chinese style, Europe style and Japan and South Korea style

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