Yantai Zhongsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful port city - Yantai, Shandong Province. Founded in 1992, the company is a comprehensive trade-oriented enterprise integrating research and development, technical cooperation, import and export trade. Its predecessor is a subordinate unit of China Foreign Trade Co., under the state-owned enterprise of Ministry of Commerce, ranking the 47th among china top 500 enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has established good cooperation with the domestic and foreign clients. Based on the principle of sincere cooperation and common development, the company actively develops the overseas markets, and it has made great progress in the research and development of grain and oil. Its annual trade volume has doubled, reaching over 195.60 million USD, and the company enjoys high visibility and influence in north china, northwest, east China and over 30 countries, and maintains good cooperation with these foreign companies. 

Position: foreign trade specialist 

1. Be responsible for the market survey, market expansion and sales in the international market regions;

2. Establish, maintain and manage the foreign clients;

3. Develop and implement the sales and promotion plan;

4. Implement the website promotions and other promotion works;

5. Be responsible for the whole foreign trade flow operation, tracking and control, and the preparation of related documents;

6. Be responsible for the reception of international clients and the project negotiations.


1、Bachelor degree or above, majored in English or international trade, etc.;

2、Have strong ability in English speaking and writing, and able to communicate with foreign merchants fluently;

3、Have proficient computer skills, especially the office software applications;

4、Be honest, serious, with a spirit of teamwork, good communication skills;

5、Have an attitude of hard-working.  



For years, relying on professional and technical strengths at domestic top art institutions, Hesheng is dedicated to the image integration and design of the brand enterprises, including the VI system design, logo design, packaging design, album design, journals and poster designs, etc.. The creative graphic designs made by company’s have ever won the first prize of domestic advertising design works, winning great praise customers and thus wining the markets for the company’s products.

Position: Designer


1、Have a creative design of the whole advertising core ideas and the overall framework of the advertising according to the customers’ requirements;

2、Be responsible for the advertising creative design and the verbal expression for the customers’ products, have a better understanding of the customers’ creative demands and promotion purposes;

3. Focus on the industrial development trend timely to achieve continuous absorption and optimized according to the company’s specific conditions and individual self-development;


1、Major in advertising, fine arts, etc.;

2、Over one year of working experiences;

3、Have some aesthetic foundation and advertising marketing knowledge, and have aesthetic judgment and the ability of advertising;

4、Good language and communication skills, and have a team thinking;

5、Have good communication, coordination and analytic ability, with a careful and responsible attitude;

6、Have a good creative thinking and design level.

7、Excellent English skill is preferred.  

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