Yantai Zhongsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the grain and oil import and export business for over 20 years, and the partners are spreading across the country and over 30 countries worldwide.  

The company has established oats, barley production base in Finland; established production and export base of barley, flour, wheat, sunflower oil in Ukraine, and formed cooperation about the foods equipments with Swiss Buhler; established a Southeast Asian palm oil cultivation, processing base; formed the production and sales networks of North America, South America, the Middle East markets; established the domestic market purchases and sales base, and a long-term cooperation with Beijing Foods and Grains Research Institute. We offer services for agriculture , farmer and rural area in china, implement returning the grain plots to forestry and grasses, and offer services for the development of animal husbandry. 

Yantai Zhongsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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