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1. patent products; 
2. ISO9001, CE & TUV certified 
3. with frequency converter 
This machine is used to process Oat, shelling, separating the shell and the kernel, sorting out the unshelled seeds. And the unshelled seeds will go back for re-shelling.

1)      Material loading hopper 
2)      Bucket elevator 
3)      Shelling machine
4)      Separating the shell and the kernel (separating machine) 
5)      Sorting the unshelled seeds level 1 (sorting machine)
6)      Sorting the unshelled seeds level 2 
7)      Discharge hopper 
8)      Wind force feeding back system 
9)      Control cabinet



Power: 8.13kw/380v  
Capacity: 0.8-1.0 t/h  
Shelling rate: 98% 
Breaking kernel rate: 5%  
Occupied area: 6.8x2.8x3.4H (m) 
Weight: 4.5t
Meantime, we also specialize in cleaning, dehulling & separating machines and equipments for Sunflower seed, Buckwheat, tartary buckwheat, pumpkin/watermelon seed, mung bean (green bean), hemp seed, job tears, safflower seeds, Silybum seed, almond, hazelnut, foxnut, Jatropha seed, acorn, peach inshell, etc. in China.


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