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1. As homogeneous fuel with high quality, particles can be automatically controlled in combustion, its convenience can be equivalent to that of light fuel oil;
2. Sealed plastic packaging, shipping is convenient, clean;
3. Using sealed plastic bag packaging, shipping is convenient, avoid scattered like coal and other medium material and dust pollution;
4. Solid particles, the density, small volume, convenient storage;
5. High hydrogen, oxygen content, volatile can reach more than 70%, is advantageous to the fast ignition and combustion;
6. sulfur content less than 0.05%;  Don't have to be set gas desulfurization device when fuel,  reduces the cost, and be conducive to the protection of the environment;
7. With low ash, high boiler efficiency;
8. Palm shell is high density, resistant to burn, calorific value is higher than sawdust particles 10% ~ 15%;
9. After drying after the screening, the palm kernel shell does not contain impurities, greatly reduces the boiler sticking problem, extend the life of the boiler;
10. Pure natural, do not add any additives, more environmental protection than wood particles.

1. Heat Energy/ Calorific Value: > 4.000 kcal/Kg

2. Inherent Moisture: < 15 %

3. Ash content: < 15%

4. Size: 4-20mm

5. Foreign materials (By visual): < 3%


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